This is surf and turf, New Mexico style.

Grilled steak with green chili bacon wrapped shrimp

Inspiration for the green chile bacon wrapped shrimp may have come from Epic Meal Time in regards to the bacon, but the Hatch green chile is a New Mexico original.

Here’s what you need:

  • Your favorite cut of steak. In this case, I used flank steak.
  • Four frozen shrimp
  • Two Hatch green chile pods
  • Two strips of bacon
  • Salt and Pepper

The Steak:

Flank steak dusted with salt and pepper, the only seasoning necessary for a great steak.

Pre-heat grill to medium-high heat. Season steak with salt and pepper on both sides.

Grill steak on first side untill blood pools on the top of the meat, that means it is ready to be flipped (if you are going for medium-rare to rare). Grill meat on other side untill you get the same result. Remove from grill and immediately place meat on a plate and cover it with tin foil. The meat will continue to cook under the foil as the juices absorb into the meat.

The Shrimp:

Skewered shrimp wrapped in green chile and bacon.

Take the frozen shrimp and remove the shells and tails. Cut two bacon strips in half and line them up on a cutting board. The two green chile pods need to have the remaining charred skin removed from the roasting process and also need to be de-seeded. The seeds are what make the chile hot, onec removed, all that’s left is the sweet smokey taste of the chile.

On top of the bacon strips, line equally wide strips of green chile. Place the slightly thawing shrimp on top of the chile strip and begin to roll. The shrimp needs to be slightly froze because the bacon will take longer to cook than the shrimp, so the bit of frost even’s out the cooking time. Skewer the roll of chile, bacon, and shrimp so that the tasty package doesn’t fall apart.

Make sure the shrimp AND the bacon cook through, don't worry if the chili gets a little burnt in the process.

Grill on all sides untill the bacon browns and the shrimp is pink. (approximately 15 minutes on the grill)





When plated, un-skewer the shrimp and place next to steak. Pair with a nice red wine, in the case a bottle of Charles Shaw (2 Buck Chuck) Merlot, and a fresh garden salad. Welcome to grilling heaven.